Padel & Virtual Reality

We are passionate about traditional padel and enthusiasts of technology and challenges.

That’s why we are working on the first virtual reality padel game and training experience.

Although we are still in development, we have released the first alpha version and a mini games pack for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Pro.


We are developing on the First Padel Game and Training for Virtual Reality. 

With VR, users can feel like they are physically present in a virtual environment, allowing them to experience and interact with digital content in ways that go beyond traditional screens and interfaces.


Virtual Reality (VR) has become more accessible than ever before, enabling users to enjoy immersive experiences through standalone systems. These systems consist of a VR headset and two handheld controllers

Actually we are developing for Meta Quest2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro but we will try to bring it to as many VR platforms possible.


We are working in the Alpha Version.
Actually we are developing a completely new physics engine to improve the control  (already available at the beta version at Applab) and created an adaptor for the VR controller (on sale here) to get better feeling and realism when playing.
The complete TRAINING system with Pablo Crosetti and the Game (multiplayer and Ai) are still on development. We don’t have a date for launch yet, but we estimate it will be ready on the first half on 2024.
Meanwhile we have some options already available to use for Meta Quest2. You can download at Applab for free (Meta Quest development marketplace) the beta version of the product. It also include the option to purchase a pack of mini games that will allow you to practice shots and have great fun.
The equipment required is a Meta Quest2 or Quest3. This are commercial systems from Meta (Facebook) that can be found at many places.  Apart from this, you can also purchase our exclusive Padel Racket adapter for the controllers of Meta Quest2. That will increase substantially your feeling of real padel. Soon we will have a version for Quest3.
Also we have a version of our product specially made for brand activations and events. We have been at WPT Master Final with our PadelVR Cupra experience. Contact us if interested to enhance your activation! Info@padelvrgame.com
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New scenarios

Creation of captivating new scenarios.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Development of oponent artificial intelligence (AI) and multiplayer modes

Training System

And collaborating with a renowned Padel Coach to design a comprehensive training system.

Our efforts are dedicated to delivering a well-rounded and immersive experience across multiple fronts.

Wanna be one of the first Alpha testers and give us your feedbacks? 

Join the First Alpha Version

The first alpha will come with a short experience of introduction and a warm up mode to practice defence and volleys.

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