Download Alpha


Our early first alpha is already available for download at Applab for meta quest2 

Keep informed

    We are working on Beta Version

    We are developing on the first Padel game and training for Virtual Reality. 

    With VR, users can feel like they are physically present in a virtual environment, allowing them to experience and interact with digital content in ways that go beyond traditional screens and interfaces

    Virtual Reality (VR) has become more accessible than ever before, enabling users to enjoy immersive experiences through standalone systems. These systems consist of a VR headset and two handheld controllers. (link to meta store)

    Actually we are developing for Meta Quest2 and Meta Quest Pro but we will try to bring it to as many VR platforms possible.

    PADEL VR Experiences

    Introducing our personalized branded padel experiences, designed specifically for brand activations. With our unique offering, you can create an engaging and fun environment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


    See what includes:

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