Padel VR Arcade

Step into the world of Padel like never before with PadelVR ARCADE!

Immerse yourself in the thrilling fusion of Padel and Virtual Reality for an experience that’s truly unforgettable.


Begin with a dynamic warm-up before diving into a variety of Padel mini-games, including Drop Shots, Volleys, Chiquitas, Bajadas, and Bandejas.

Each user enjoys a total experience time of 15 minutes, packed with excitement and immersion.


Enhance your experience with our Padel racket adapter for maximum realism and control.


Contact us today for more information and bring the excitement of PadelVR ARCADE to your venue!


And if you want, we have branding customization options available.


Transform your PadelVR ARCADE experience into a branded masterpiece with our customizable options!


Add a personal touch to your court with branded logos and corporate colors

volleys padel vr


chiquita padel vr


back court padel vr

End Court Shots

dropshot padel vr


lobs padel vr


bajadas padel vr

Bajadas Center

bot padel vr

Bots Game

bajadas mix padel vr

Bajadas Random

bandejas padel vr


bricks padel vr

Bricks Shot

Elevate Your Game with Real Padel Shots!
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