Explore the Excitement with Our PadelVR Mini Games Bundle!

While we are diligently working on refining our comprehensive training and game system, complete with an innovative physics engine, we couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of our product with you. Introducing the PadelVR Mini Games Bundle (beta).


Immerse yourself in a collection of mini padel games designed not only for entertainment but also to hone your skills in real padel shots, including Dropshot, bandeja, bajada, and chiquitas.


Challenge your friends or family at home and compete to become the champion in each category.


Our mini games pack is built on our cutting-edge physics engine (beta). While it is compatible with Quest controllers, we highly recommend using it with our new padel adaptor, currently developed for Quest 2 and Pro.


With this adaptor, you’ll experience enhanced control and a more realistic padel gameplay.


Each mini game features a scoring system with top 10 results, offering a challenging experience with 5 practice balls and 10 precision shots. 


Do you have what it takes to claim the top spot?

Simultaneously, we’ve upgraded our alpha version with the all-new physics engine (beta), and it remains freely accessible on the Meta Quest Store.

Don’t miss out on the thrill – dive into the world of PadelVR Mini Games Bundle and elevate your padel gaming experience today!

volleys padel vr


chiquita padel vr


back court padel vr

End Court Shots

dropshot padel vr


lobs padel vr


bajadas padel vr

Bajadas Center

bot padel vr

Bots Game

bajadas mix padel vr

Bajadas Random

bandejas padel vr


bricks padel vr

Bricks Shot

Elevate Your Game with Real Padel Shots!
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